livelovelife18 and 1386 more want to know where to get this shirt
livelovelife18 and 1386 more want to know where to get this shirt

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Couldn't find a red velvet version): x
57 months ago
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Thanks ❤️

aillimad 58 months ago
Not mentioned
Here's the red one :)
59 months ago
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thanks :-)

Natali.. 59 months ago
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very similar at h&m.com

avatar imagetonimaria 53 months ago

the shorts are from moschino

avatar imagealexischoi 54 months ago

The dip dye ones are from Roxy! I think thus still have them

avatar imagesurferchick 54 months ago

Fresh tops

avatar image_girlygirl4ever 55 months ago

the shorts are from hm i couldnt find them but they are from hm

avatar imageclaudiagordon 56 months ago

I really like the shirt on the right! anyone know where I can find it?

avatar imagelokis_Glorious_purpose 57 months ago


avatar imageannii15 57 months ago

if you dont have the pair of bleach shorts you can diy! its VERY EASY :D i hope this video helps!

avatar imageheavenly.samantha 58 months ago

The exact shorts are from target

avatar imagehanibear 58 months ago

the other shirt is brandy melville

avatar imageurbanandbrandy 58 months ago

This shorts are from h&m
www.h&m.com or .de or .ch ...

avatar imageTHROFFICIAL 58 months ago

The ones on the left are from target.

avatar imagerenspill 53 months ago

Dipped dye shorts are mossino brand from target.

avatar imageanonymous 55 months ago

the starbucks shirt can be seen in WWW.fresh tops.com

avatar image_girlygirl4ever 55 months ago

I saw the tribal print ones in Forever21 but I didn't see them online :(

avatar imageswallowedbymadness 55 months ago

the shorts on the left are from target-mossimo and supply co is sold at target

avatar imagedaniellemarie 56 months ago

the short on the right... You can buy that by H&M

avatar imageLisa_kuss 56 months ago

You should be able to find the blue shorts at target. Mossimo supply co I think is a brand there.

avatar imageLittleweedhacker 57 months ago

The black and white one is from h&m last year. I don't think they still sell it.

avatar imageLiizzy 57 months ago

black and white tribal print shorts at H&m and Zumiez

avatar imageanavay.sierra 52 months ago


avatar image__jazabella 54 months ago

I live the one on the left <3 with the Cali <3

avatar imagehannahbarker868 59 months ago
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