frannm: What make are these amazing Jeans!!
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frannm: What make are these amazing Jeans!!

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lifting pants
original more expensive about .. £100
52 months ago
wr up (freddy)
I pantaloni in jersey dal fit perfetto progettati per definire ed esaltare le forme femminili si vesto di primavera. Realizzati con una membrana in silicone e con un gioco di cuciture e tagli che creano un effetto push up per il lato B, rimodellano cosce e glutei garantendo ad ogni donna una forma perfetta. Adatti in ogni momento della giornata sono comodi e alla moda.

The jersey pants from perfect fit designed to define and enhance the female figure is dressed in the spring. Made with a silicone membrane and with a game of seams and cuts that create a push-up effect for the B-side, reshape thighs and buttocks ensuring that each woman a perfect shape. Suitable for any time of day they are comfortable and fashionable.

67 months ago
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Ugh these pants are perfection!

leahmary 63 months ago
Freddy WR.UP
This is the same model, you only have to search for the right color
54 months ago
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baby-mick 54 months ago
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Thank you !! Xx

astalilja 54 months ago
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marthe.h 61 months ago
Not mentioned
Here you go . Hit thanks please :)
58 months ago
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Thank you

lexi2899 58 months ago
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freddy jeans

avatar imagecrazykiara94 45 months ago

they are from freddy jeans aus/nz

avatar imageshellyy.d 50 months ago

I want them! How much?

avatar imagezuzana.m.stefkova 57 months ago

Bershka has these also, they're called "Push up leggings"

avatar imageanouckn 60 months ago

mercii !! :))

avatar imagekatarina.vann 63 months ago

I saw some like that at Pacsun.

avatar imagejoyytotheworldd 64 months ago

How to buy it?

avatar imagezuzana.m.stefkova 57 months ago

how much for the us ?

avatar imageyazminssworld 63 months ago

do they send or mail to the USA?

avatar imageamendez98 64 months ago


avatar imageAyshaXO 64 months ago

Here you can get these jeans

avatar imagejuste.slingaite 66 months ago

seen on http://wheretoget.it/look/159917

avatar imagecleo 67 months ago

these pants are Freddy and you can buy it on sport shops, the price in Italy is more less 80€

avatar imagetamaracal 60 months ago

freddy. com

avatar imageilikestrawberry 62 months ago

at freddy.com

avatar imageilikestrawberry 63 months ago


Freddy WRUPFITTS Tights

avatar imagelovethis.for.me 67 months ago
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