moooony: where can I get it please? :) so cool! (not too expansive if possible)
swimwear green swimwear zip swimwear aqua zip bikini minze sweet sexy blue bag blue swimwear teal teal swimsuit zipper bikini bandeau mint mint swimwear tumblr tumblr bikini mint swimwear swim clothing swimming beach sea pretty bn beautiful bored funny scales fish trololol blue bikini
moooony: where can I get it please? :) so cool! (not too expansive if possible)

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74 months ago
this is perfect! I saw it in H&M but only in white!
83 months ago
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I just bought it in white and I saw it too in jade but it's like jade grey weird xd

nonediamonds 83 months ago
Not mentioned
There are more colors to get and slips too :)
45 months ago
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H&m a year ago

avatar imagemijkkeee 63 months ago

River island two years ago

avatar imageRikmiister21 63 months ago

This is from H & M, but is not being sold anymore :( x

avatar imageyummynutella 71 months ago

This bikini is H&M last season if you look on Ebay you may be able to find it, be warned though i ordered a size 12 top as i am a 32D and it wouldn't even do up x

avatar imageBryonyBateman 74 months ago

It's a H&M swimwear ! So you can find on ebay I guess.

avatar imageBibounette 80 months ago

thankkkks :)

avatar imagemoooony 83 months ago


avatar imagenora-LS 61 months ago

yeah HM, it's on sale at the moment

avatar imagesom_24 83 months ago

H&m summer 2012 !

avatar imageStellel 83 months ago

They sold ut on h&m last year

avatar imagestine_snarset 65 months ago
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