teresarosino and 1214 more want to know where to get this swimwear
teresarosino and 1214 more want to know where to get this swimwear

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There is not a lot of sizes left sorry :(
42 months ago
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Thanks! ;D

Impressions. 42 months ago
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Tavik Cleo Bikini, 76$

avatar imagenadine-twin 40 months ago

Urban Outfitters.

avatar imageImpressions. 41 months ago

You can get this on Urban Outfitters

avatar imagegiesler_sarah 42 months ago

It's Tavik Swimwear

avatar imagethisisA 42 months ago

Does anyone know where I can find this?

avatar imagebewabubbles 42 months ago

Hi! Hi everyone, I have post this picture a long time ago, 1 or 2 year on my profil? And there is all the tip you want for this Swimwear! So, to be sure , you have the opportunity to know the " Paris fashion " if you follow me! Sorry for my bad english ... Kisses of a french girl!

avatar imageYesIamFrench 32 months ago

They ran out but it's from urban outfitters

avatar imageblaze123456789 42 months ago

I think it's TRIANGL

avatar imageJustSawAunicornOutsideTheWindow 42 months ago

If you like my post follow me for more pictures

avatar imageYesIamFrench 38 months ago

Are any of these sites actually legit where it's by the tavik brand or are they knock offs?

avatar imagesummerxwinter 39 months ago

Nope! It's Tavik swimwear, buts it's an old one. Not sure if they still sell it.

avatar imagethisisA 42 months ago

Wow this is really gorgeous swimwear! <3

avatar imageBikini Luxe 39 months ago


avatar imageteresarosino 42 months ago

they sale it in urban outfitters! (:

avatar imageGoldy333 42 months ago
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