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size small...because small's are sold out everywhere else!
51 months ago
sabo skirt
in size small! everywhere else is sold out :)
51 months ago
maybe u like this, bcuz that skirt is sold out on
54 months ago
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bruh this dress blow my mind like this is so cute

avatar imagehaloyou1287


avatar imageluiza.banu

I wear did you get it

avatar imageKayleigh1

Allies express way is definitely not a place to order from! The whole page is a scam . They'll send you something smaller and that looks nothing like the dress

avatar imagebellasoto23

Is there any site that has a picture of the front of the dress?

avatar imageCheyenneCulver

avatar imageamandarr

avatar imageamandarr

avatar imageamandarr

avatar imageamandarr $39

avatar imagesadiaw609

On aliexpress

avatar imageCassandraMTR

On aliexpress

avatar imageCassandraMTR - $19,93

avatar imagexRianne22 $19.93

avatar imagexRianne22

They sell this at the website Raw Glitter, that is the original selling place and it's really cheap!

avatar imageKianaJones69

avatar imageteresarosino

avatar imageteresarosino

avatar imageteresarosino

avatar imageteresarosino

avatar imageteresarosino

avatar imageteresarosino

Wishful Thinking skirt

avatar imagemisa_amane

Amelia rose boutique on twitter think it's around £40

avatar imageashleycunningham2011

You can buy this one

avatar imagePCHox

Sabo skirt

avatar imagemissallie skirt - £35

avatar imageadele_90x

you can get a very similar skirt version of this from VINTAGEHORDES.NET for only $45

avatar imagebethany_kat

avatar imagebandsbandspls

It's from Lucy in the sky. Sorry it's sold out and I don't have the link. Also for some reason it's lighter in colour in real life. This photo looks much better than it actually is.

avatar imageanonymous

I found it on or you can find it on eBay if you search tie dye skirt xo

avatar imagejulieanneduffy19

Daintydollsboutique x

avatar imagejasminecharlton1

avatar imagejustine.morin.1848

where can i get this from ?

avatar imageamber.dutson


avatar imageJOHNSONVALINCEA334@YHAOO.COM did stock this skirt xx

avatar imagesophiegmx

Hate to tell you guys, but it is no longer available. It used to be on for $30, but it said product no longer found. Sorry. :/

avatar imageWildcountrygirl

It's actually a skirt. Wishful thinking skirt by
Think it's sold out because I can't find a link

avatar imageelectricdaisy86 :)

avatar imagemagicmaro

You can get this at but it is coming soon!!!

avatar imageanonymous

Can someone explain to me what the points are for?

avatar imagealexandral.4

Its a skirt from

avatar imageDressmeforlife

avatar imageEmelieyouknowhuh

avatar imageteresarosino

Haha I brought it from aliexpress for £16

avatar imageomq_qalaxy

I've seen this in But it's sold out

avatar imageamy.granger.52

It's a skirt paired with a no/low back white crop top in the picture

avatar imagekissingincars

avatar imageCallypso

avatar imagebiffy.greene

avatar imagemaitox1994

U can get it die 49,99$ at dresstique

avatar imageperlenzucker

And yes, the color is much better on the picture here than it is on the sales picture :( I am disappointed !!

avatar imageBirdeyC

I wish it was darker color

avatar imagemelissab247 it is called 'think of you' dress xxx

avatar imageluckyleahxoxo

The front of this dress is not as cute as the back.

avatar imagealexax_

its from show its a skirt and a top

avatar imageLornaog

avatar imageperlenzucker

I Heard its on
But i didn't find it . May you help me and the Community ?

avatar imagemissylove

@freshtops on Instagram will be launching new pieces and this is included

avatar imageTabbithaEve

Fresh-tops posted this photo saying "Coming soon"

avatar imagecalicass_015

avatar imageteresarosino

It's a skirt and it's from esty

avatar imagelaurabeewee


avatar imageNatalied-x
Is this skirt on ebay maybe? because I have seen almost everything on on ebay for under half price !! I'm checking but haven't found it jet:)

avatar imageBirdeyC

It was from Lucy In The Sky, but it's sold out.

avatar imageFreshToDeath

i love this

avatar imageknequiece.williams

avatar imagejustine.morin.1848

:) Only skirt => Dresstique

avatar imageflorence.germain.14

It's from

avatar imageperlenzucker

I think this is a tumblr edit, so the dress isn't actually real. It's most likely a white dress that has a galaxy edited to it

avatar imagee11ie

this skirt is now back in stock!!

avatar imagejtiny


avatar imagemagicmaro

$42 at
It's actually a skirt and it's currently sold out... :(

avatar imageemfitz03

i love it :D

avatar imageclarissa_rodriguez13

No actually it's a top and a skirt. The skirt is from but it's sold out or they don't sell it anymore

avatar imageOmqitsJulia

The website is & they must not have it anymore because I can't seem to find it. They have similar dresses though that have the same pattern of the skirt.

avatar imagealexamichelle

From Lucy in the sky

avatar imageracheldoyle28

This dress was on sale on Now shows out of stock, but I see it often to be re-listed there, so please check.

avatar imageBevuTrend

avatar imagealissa.kovarik you are welcome

avatar imagethelatesttrends

CADEAU les filles !! :D 50$ !!!!!!!!

avatar imageLachieuz is the website

avatar imageLukesBae

Its from ! I think its currently sold out but you should check online, they restock super fast! :)

avatar imagecalicass_015
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