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61 months ago
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so beautiful

avatar imagesanthin

so beautiful

avatar imagesanthin

I got this dress from aliexpress and the "waist" is across my ribs it's really pretty but it's weirdly not proportional idk I got it altered and it's much better now

avatar imagedollie.eyes

Does anybody know where I can get this dress ? It's for my quinceanera

avatar imageaubreeeey_3

wish / the wish app

avatar imageJadeline

pretty high quality in stock:

avatar imageLoveLife

You can get it on Wish app

avatar imageissimi

LookBookStore ! :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l

From Asos but sold out :/

avatar imagexXLindsayXx

I got mine from eBay and it was only $15

avatar imageJuicyJoceyy

You will get this dress from the Wish app

avatar imagezenapemberton7

Check eBay or

avatar imageKrazyCazzy in the juniors category

avatar imagevalerie5 $ 17

avatar imageMrsOD

avatar imageMrsOD

this dress is on an app called wish.

avatar imageLil_laia

this is my style for a16yr old...i like!!!

avatar imaged_clark , and I think that I saw it on Choies a few months ago as well

avatar imagesandrinev-l


avatar imagepositivity for 27.25

avatar imageanonymous

avatar imageeva.zimmermann

download the application : wish
there is this dress for few $

avatar imageroyer.tatiana

lookbookstore :)

avatar imagegueliiz

avatar imagePCWilliams14

avatar imagepamelapeters $16,99

avatar imageffashionnn

This dress is currently on ebay for £10 as I have just bought it, it arrived in perfect condition and fits perfectly

avatar imagebobbijanecarr

avatar imagestolenparadies

avatar imagestolenparadies

avatar imagestolenparadies

You can buy it on sammydress

avatar imagemuriel.b

can find this at :)

avatar imageaandewiel06

avatar imagegeorgina_schorah

avatar imagenloonvoe

i saw the black one on ebay!

avatar imagenloonvoe

avatar imagemegbarker11

Try pastiche

avatar imageoliviajadecahill

avatar imagelinierdbeere

Please click thanks! :D xo

avatar imagesugarbutt

They have this dress at the lookbookstore

avatar imagecassidyhollingsworth


avatar imageClass

LookBookStore.Com or AliExpress.Com :) xx

avatar imageTimzki

LookBookStore.Com or AliExpress.Com :)

avatar imageTimzki

avatar imagemz.niecy1013

ebay, search women's black dress

avatar imagepinkKisses :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l


avatar imageGalarina

avatar imagetirzadehaas

avatar imageMarijke :)

avatar imageSabina94

The Wish app in the AppStore has this in it

avatar imagepaytan12345

avatar imagePrincessKey

I posted this pic on my page and there is loads of comments on were to get it

avatar imagebangingbieber15 :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l

avatar imageedita

This dress is from You can also see it on their Instagram: Modhaus_

avatar imagestephanieshanaynaynilson

avatar imageholski1

I mean love

avatar imagemmarrianaa

I loce thiss so much

avatar imagemmarrianaa

Society of chic .com v cheap x

avatar imageellie.kearney.96

I have seen it in ebay

avatar imageoumayma


avatar imagevelvetwild

You can get it on ebay or Amazon

avatar imagegabriela.rdz

avatar imagezellaloves890


avatar imagegnduhdjfho

avatar imageTheCreepyGuyNextDoor

this dress is on an app called wish.

avatar imageLil_laia


avatar imageMarwaC.Lainaya ! :)

avatar imagealexandra.raberger


avatar imageJasmineec99

at lookbookstore but i advise to keep some size larger

avatar imagesasha.darnault

This exact picture comes up however this dress in other colours comes up with a different neckline.
Hope this helps :)

avatar imageemmamattner

avatar imagex_FashionGirl

avatar imageffashionnn

eBay! £7.61

avatar imagelisamarie90

avatar imageidwearit

You can find this dress at LookBookStore.Com or at AliExpress.Com :) xx

avatar imageTimzki

ebay also has it. .

avatar imagelexa.mayorga

look at essie :)

avatar imagesara.rozman.1 :)

avatar imageanina_25

Available on Ebay for only 12,79€

avatar imageTheQueen_ has this dress :)

avatar imageTimzki

avatar imagexoerinnn86

At :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l

I'm pretty sure you can find it on for good prices :)

avatar imageTimzki

avatar imagecookieyumyum

T i d e s t o r e : )

avatar imageViivi.

The exact one is from

avatar imageOmqitsJulia

avatar imageLalaNoisette

ICKL fashion

avatar imageJasmynAnja

i ordered the exact dress, unfortunalty it came up very short on me as i am tall. I'm going to sell it on ebay if anyone is interested obviously it has not been worn

avatar imagebecauseimhappy

I found this dress because I desperately wanted it but ultimately decided against it because of all of the bad reviews this site had received. It's foreign and it appears the quality/condition of anything you order is just crap and for some you're lucky enough to even be sent anything at all and then refused a refund. Nevertheless, it's gorgeous and only $31.99 - if you get it, good luck!!


You can get this dress at, but it won't let me post the direct link. It's called Sleeveless Bodycon Dress With Open Back Bandage Peplum Casual Lace Dresses VVF

avatar imagealextacy

its in an app called wish

avatar imagejaniea354

avatar imageLaViieEtUnReve

I bought that exact same at for about $10

avatar imageMarie__

It's from :)

avatar imageginevra.morandotti

avatar imagecookieyumyum


avatar imagesummerwear

Check out they have a super cute dress similar to that!

avatar imageitsvaleriee

avatar imagekialacey

avatar imageCreativeGeniusByDesign

can you please press the thanks button

avatar imageFashionshadows

You can get this dress from a website called, it is really cheap but I'm not sure if the quality is good.
Also you can get it off and eBay.

avatar imageTofuandme

avatar imagemyrthe.vanderploeg.3


avatar imageMexican-i-am

avatar imageidwearit

You can get this at

avatar imagelizzzzzz

or try, it's only 12$

avatar imageFlowerHair

You can get this at
You just type up skater dress and it should be there

avatar imagemorgan.skinner.397
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