rhoniolivia7 and 750 more want to know where to get
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rhoniolivia7 and 750 more want to know where to get

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Maybe the Jordan Dub Zero, but I couldn't find that colorway
48 months ago
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you can buy this pants on wish

avatar imagevicabr 13 months ago

I think they are nike

avatar imagecamillafcc 48 months ago

How do I know what size they are when I'm ready to check out it doesn't ask me what size

avatar imagealarson.williams 54 months ago

He got game 13's air Jordan's

avatar imagePrettygirll_ 62 months ago

They are Nike I have the same pair but they are almost a year old.

avatar imageRachaelKerrie 60 months ago

me too !

avatar imagerenee_7 61 months ago


avatar imagedoseofhonesty 63 months ago

Search in google : red , black & white Jordan 13s
You can find them on eBay , solecollector , and more .
They're pretty old shoes so they don't sell them in stores or online which is why you have to find somewhere online where someone is selling them . (:

avatar imageemzybaee 63 months ago

I have the same ones their adidas

avatar imagejenniisurielx3 60 months ago

H&M Do some almost identical to these for £10 :) xxx

avatar imageRebAnderson 63 months ago

omg shoes are amaizing .......where to buy??

avatar imagexhildau 66 months ago
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