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50 months ago
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Thanks so much

brheamo 50 months ago
Etsy shop GirlMeetsClothes "Lace Crochet Denim Handmade Distressed Destroyed Cut Offs Shorts..."

*They are sold out but maybe the seller will post more in the future. They are also not exact but they are the closest I could find...
58 months ago
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There are also plenty of tutorials on how to do this yourself online so I'd suggest just making your own!

r.crowley114 58 months ago
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Thankyou thankyou thankyou :D

freyalouisee__ 57 months ago
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Thanks so much

Astarprincess602 57 months ago
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You're welcome! I hope they come back in stock

r.crowley114 57 months ago
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avatar imagebuyswimwear 29 months ago

Love this XOXOXOXO

avatar imagecarrieooos 31 months ago

Hey Go and find for you own Self or you girl friend 4, 3 and 2 layered Tu tu Skirt


avatar imageStylewar 32 months ago


avatar imagechachou13 48 months ago


avatar imagechachou13 48 months ago

omg guys aow it at h&m but it sold out i guess. Found it at ebay if you want cheaper

avatar imagequeen1212 49 months ago

the shirt is from last year's collection at H&M, so I don't think that you can purchase this anymore :)

avatar imageanonymous 49 months ago

Where can u get the shorts

avatar imageprettygirl9 51 months ago


avatar imageemily.nguyen2311 52 months ago


avatar imageemily.nguyen2311 52 months ago

H&m divided Collection Sells this right now :)

avatar imagemille.d.schmidt 53 months ago

spinedesign on facebook can make those

avatar imagestacey.snuttlewhipp 55 months ago

You can also get it from teeisland.co.uk in either a tank top version or shirt version (£11) it's free UK delivery and international is approx £8*

I love this shop :))

avatar imageMaii. 56 months ago

I got this at freshtops just last week they should still have it

avatar imageDanny566 58 months ago


avatar imageTHROFFICIAL 59 months ago

Bershka :)

avatar imageCinderelli 60 months ago

It's at esty

avatar imagesummer.trout 46 months ago


avatar imagemelanny_feliz_medina 52 months ago

This is from H&M

avatar imageShauni 52 months ago

M.hm.com. <<<<<That's the website

avatar imageElizabeth227 53 months ago

H&M has it exactly the same

avatar imageMariselle 54 months ago


avatar imagexRianne22 54 months ago

aaaah i have that one it's from h&m but it's out of stock

avatar imagela.luna 59 months ago

I bought it at H&M a few years ago... Maybe you'll find it online! :)

avatar imageana.estate 43 months ago

This is from H&M 2 years ago

avatar imageSelinaWoelfert 45 months ago


avatar imagenoor.kramer 51 months ago

I got this shirt, i bought it at h&m.. But i don't think that they still are.

avatar imageMariamement 58 months ago

It says coming soon?

avatar imagebangingbieber15 60 months ago

They are from the brand one teaspoon!;)

avatar imagepeabody182 59 months ago

its from h&m

avatar imageniieeek_ 60 months ago

Bershka :)

avatar imageCinderelli 60 months ago

they're the One Teaspoon Crochet Bonita shorts but they're sold out, try checking on ebay!

avatar imageemilyyeh 62 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 63 months ago

They are One Teaspoon shorts

avatar imagecity_bikini96 60 months ago

h&m has it!

avatar imageSabine 61 months ago
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