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48 months ago
Etsy shop GirlMeetsClothes "Lace Crochet Denim Handmade Distressed Destroyed Cut Offs Shorts..."

*They are sold out but maybe the seller will post more in the future. They are also not exact but they are the closest I could find...
55 months ago
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buy women jeans,sunglasses,women dresses,skirts,bikini,swimsuit,women t-shirts,high heel pumps,And plus size swimwear.....
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avatar imagebuyswimwear

Love this XOXOXOXO

avatar imagecarrieooos

Hey Go and find for you own Self or you girl friend 4, 3 and 2 layered Tu tu Skirt

avatar imageStylewar


avatar imagechachou13


avatar imagechachou13

omg guys aow it at h&m but it sold out i guess. Found it at ebay if you want cheaper

avatar imagequeen1212

the shirt is from last year's collection at H&M, so I don't think that you can purchase this anymore :)

avatar imageanonymous

Where can u get the shorts

avatar imageprettygirl9

H&m divided Collection Sells this right now :)


spinedesign on facebook can make those

avatar imagestacey.snuttlewhipp

You can also get it from in either a tank top version or shirt version (£11) it's free UK delivery and international is approx £8*

I love this shop :))

avatar imageMaii.

I got this at freshtops just last week they should still have it

avatar imageDanny566

Bershka :)

avatar imageCinderelli

It's at esty

avatar imagesummer.trout

avatar imagemelanny_feliz_medina

This is from H&M

avatar imageShauni <<<<<That's the website

avatar imageElizabeth227

H&M has it exactly the same

avatar imageMariselle

avatar imagexRianne22

aaaah i have that one it's from h&m but it's out of stock

avatar imagela.luna

I bought it at H&M a few years ago... Maybe you'll find it online! :)


This is from H&M 2 years ago

avatar imageSelinaWoelfert

avatar imagenoor.kramer

I got this shirt, i bought it at h&m.. But i don't think that they still are.

avatar imageMariamement

It says coming soon?

avatar imagebangingbieber15

They are from the brand one teaspoon!;)

avatar imagepeabody182

its from h&m

avatar imageniieeek_

Bershka :)

avatar imageCinderelli

they're the One Teaspoon Crochet Bonita shorts but they're sold out, try checking on ebay!

avatar imageemilyyeh

avatar imageanonymous

They are One Teaspoon shorts

avatar imagecity_bikini96

h&m has it!

avatar imageSabine
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