Crazyyy_C: Ashley Sky
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Crazyyy_C: Ashley Sky

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oh my god thank you so much!

Hushtones 63 months ago
Nasty Gal
It's out of stock at the moment from Nasty Gal :(
61 months ago
This is the exact dress, it is sold out at Nastygal but may be worth contacting them to see if it's coming back in stock? <3 :)
62 months ago
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  • blouse
  • cardigan
  • coat
  • dress
  • jacket
  • jeans
  • jumpsuit
  • leggings
  • pajamas
  • pants
  • romper
  • shirt
  • shorts
  • skirt
  • socks
  • sweater
  • swimwear
  • t-shirt
  • tank top
  • tights
  • top
  • underwear
  • bag
  • belt
  • earphones
  • gloves
  • hair accessory
  • hat
  • home accessory
  • jewels
  • phone cover
  • scarf
  • shoes
  • sunglasses
  • make-up
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They sell this on Wish, it's an App

avatar imagechloe.chandler 49 months ago

Lookbookstore :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l 51 months ago


avatar imageShaynez.T 54 months ago


avatar imagejcarabajal 55 months ago


avatar imagelotti.haeg 56 months ago

Lookbookstore :)

avatar imagebuqi 56 months ago

you find it at lookbookstore

avatar image_sophiemyr 57 months ago

This dress is from Topshop. Don't know if it's still in store though. I first saw it to years ago in London.

avatar imageanonymous 57 months ago

It's a Nastygal dress, but it's sold out .

avatar imagedopee_ovoxo 62 months ago

http://www.lookbookstore.co/products/glam-maxi-dress Really good buy, worth it! really good fit

avatar imageSimcardd99 47 months ago


avatar imagehal.nicole22 48 months ago


avatar imageyoungG 50 months ago

www.look bookstore.com

avatar imageoliviaxmay 51 months ago


has arms but nice still 10$ reliable site

avatar imageelaine.sanz 53 months ago

Hautecouturebyjc.bigcartel.com has it. They just opened today

avatar imagejerriwhitfield99 55 months ago

Asos :)

avatar imagesara.salih 56 months ago

This was sold on nastygal at one point

avatar imagejeanineb324 57 months ago

$39 at Windsor dress store

avatar imageivanashops 59 months ago

On etsy.com

avatar imageOliviahill29 60 months ago

http://www.shopangl.com/category/new_arrivals/elegantly_curved_halter_like_maxi_dress.asp?page=0&SortType=0 :)!

avatar imageitsnattykatty 60 months ago

someone bought this dress already from ebay or aliexpres? What is the material?

avatar imageAlex-it 61 months ago

Much cheaper in Aliexpress

avatar imageMiriamm 51 months ago


avatar imagecsantos 52 months ago


avatar imageLolasboutique 52 months ago

Hautecouturebyjc.bigcartel.com has it they just opened today

avatar imagejerriwhitfield99 55 months ago

You can buy the short version of this dress at www.only.nl

avatar imagexRianne22 57 months ago

maybe a Jovani dress

avatar imageOuarda 58 months ago

Nordstrom's had one!

avatar imageanonymous 63 months ago

look here. for 70 €

avatar imageShopaholic_by_ecitah 60 months ago


avatar imagerowan 63 months ago
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