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you can get it in white :)
51 months ago
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  • cardigan
  • coat
  • dress
  • jacket
  • jeans
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  • leggings
  • pajamas
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avatar imagefannygoumaux

Hi i dont exactly have this style- but you can check out this dress.

avatar imageNikieR

a work of art stunning????

avatar imagequeen108

I found the website yoy can buy this dress in ... just type in Lurelly Monaco Dress in google and click the first website ?

avatar imageManna_mgr

avatar imageCsaba1997

avatar imageCsaba1997

The actual dress makers website is just in case some of you are skeptical

avatar imagearianna.b

Look book has this exact dress

avatar imagesummerstupidness

This same dress is on Sammy Dress for $17.

avatar imageTerezB

avatar imagekarinhall

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams

Slim jim !

avatar imagealexuswhitmore0


avatar imagegabicohen has a dress damn near the same thing but I think in black.

avatar imagecbolden0801
This is the original seller

avatar imageCadyLe

avatar imagecheyenne.demees

Celebrity dresses can make this dress for you! BUT DO NOT get it from them or one of those fake sites as my friend ordered that dress and it came completely different! My best bet would be to go get it made by a good tailor! :)

avatar imagetaylor.d13


avatar imagevikiyan

How much is this dress

avatar imageLasha

Ive bought this dress its from its called The Lurelly Monaco dress its 405 but since im from canada it turned out to be 531 with delivery fees & etc

avatar imageV_brasileira

This dress is from it's called the Monaco dress listed for $405

avatar imageamberleem11

Its true

avatar imagemedkelly

avatar imageAcelyAa

Ebay £20-30

avatar imagecece17

Look on E-bay there was a look alike for a lot less!! And it was still cute!

avatar imageReeMorgan11

On ebay type long sleve maxi dresses this will be one of the dresses there

avatar imagedgrajcevci

avatar imageanonymous7752526


avatar imagepcamaj15

Ebay white long sleeve maxi dress $35

avatar imagesydneehunter

nickiV is a scammer guys check her profile she only comments on post related with aliexpress ....she dosent give any tip ware of this scam artist

avatar imagesonia.simon


avatar imagedelanieeefoxx

avatar imagecourtney.roe

I would die for this dress ! It's perf

avatar imageanonymous

i can't!! want this dress BAD! Maybe some other places with a price from 0 - 150 $ ?

avatar imageFashion4passion
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