Srah_beth_walker and 543 more want to know where to get
shorts black shorts silver studded High waisted shorts short shorts bad girls club High waisted shorts ripped shorts black studs cute fringes high waisted bag silver studded shorts cut offs underwear studded high waisted denim shorts high waistes short spikes studs black rock-chic look punk rock high waisted denim shorts high waisted black shorts short black shorts jeans clothes ripped jeans denim studded studded at the side ❤️ black denim shorts black high waisted silver studs spikes black high waisted shorts black studs High waisted shorts high waisted ripped ripped dark blue tacks high waisted
Srah_beth_walker and 543 more want to know where to get

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Pull and bear
Il en existe un similaire en noir!
77 months ago
45 months ago
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avatar imagecarla.ericka.1 56 months ago

Tried them last summer at Forever21, they are maybe still there :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l 59 months ago

I think its orginally from http://www.coalnterryvintage.com/ but i may think they're out of stock, but u can check the site.

avatar imagehustlaaas 67 months ago

You can find it at pull and bear,I Have this pair of shorts too :)

avatar imageelliecasarini 72 months ago

They are from Bikbok!

avatar imageforzlow 73 months ago


avatar imagechanel 74 months ago

DIY :) it's much cheaper. They were $70 on coal n terry.

avatar imaget.byrd210 59 months ago

You could go on YouTube to learn how to rip your own shorts and www.amazon.com to buy the spikes :)x

avatar imageyasminae 62 months ago

These shorts were at urban outfitters last season, I'm not sure if they still have it. But they will have things beyond similar.

avatar imagepoppycox 62 months ago

BikBok :)

avatar imageingridsaraolivia 78 months ago

You can also get these at forever 21 for 15 dollars on the clearance. There doing a bogo sale

avatar imagemiajaouhari7 58 months ago

it's from coal n terry vintage but i can't find those exact ones xx

avatar imageiriini.zalouaa 59 months ago

urban outfitters

avatar imageknutten 80 months ago


avatar imageCinderelli 65 months ago

But this can also be done DIY :)

-Get a pair of black high waisted jeans you dont care for anymore. Or you can buy some for like 20-30 bucks.

(If you have high waisted jeans but there not Black, you can take whatever you have and buy a color dye for jeans and as a matter of fact you can color them any color you want)

-Cut them, the cut doesnt have to be perfect and straight, remember your going for that Rebel Ruined look. and cut it as short as you want.

-For the sherded look the girl has by her pockets, all you need to do is take a house key or any key and rub it side & side until you get the desired look you want.

-Spikes, you can buy these on ebay, or a craft store and hot glue them on there, once again you could do any color spikes or as many as you want.

Hope I helped

avatar imageHowToBeAFuckinLady 73 months ago
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