lfweingarten and 1677 more want to know where to get this skirt
lfweingarten and 1677 more want to know where to get this skirt

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Thanks! Anyone know where to get top?

posey 56 months ago
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luv_volleyball10 61 months ago
Not as neon as your photo...
78 months ago
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I love this outfit so much! Id wear this everyday

avatar imagecarrieooos 31 months ago

Both from mura boutique !!!

avatar imagekatrinaleeanne 40 months ago

get it on wish for 9$

avatar imageemily5682 49 months ago

i think that this is the top

avatar imageorli10000015 50 months ago

Hey guys try hauteandrebellious.com and nastygal.com and look for neon skater skirt

avatar imageCheriBarbie 52 months ago


avatar imagemikaelamels 54 months ago

From saboskirt, older collection.

avatar imageomgsparkles 55 months ago


avatar imageMayRose05 55 months ago

Xenia boutique in Australia!!

avatar imagesurferchick 56 months ago

It's from saboskirt.com! But they don't have it on their website anymore, unfortunely. :(

avatar imageevylina 66 months ago

Price: £28.00

avatar imageeloise.rose.589 67 months ago

the exact items were both from sabo skirt last year and aren't stocked anymore. theres usually a few of each of these items on ebay mthough so aybe you might find them there! good luck

avatar imagejacinda 69 months ago


avatar imagekdjordji 76 months ago

This skirt is from sabo skirt, I bought it from them like 3 years ago. I didn't see it on their site now but check in a couple of months and they might have brought it back

avatar imagekupschy 43 months ago

Hi Tanyachic, i saw your comment yesterday when u wrote that u want to increase your followers, u can do it by "Asking a Question on the Forum list" and u will get a lot of Replies and followers.

avatar imagenoorfayik7 43 months ago

Sabo skirt! But it's from a while agoo!

avatar imagesydsmith 56 months ago

I think they are from guess :)

avatar imageMiramelissa_ 54 months ago

Hey this is my account for the competition

avatar imageaca_awkward 59 months ago

original skirt from forever 21, a believe two seasons ago.

avatar imageSaraBeara44 64 months ago

where do you get the top from?

avatar imagedeanna100 67 months ago
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