pacsungirl0425 and 835 more want to know where to get this blouse
pacsungirl0425 and 835 more want to know where to get this blouse

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You can get this skirt at urban Outfitters in Bright Green. *sorry the link didn't work

NovaLabelle 57 months ago
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I can't find it

ine 57 months ago
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Is it out of stock?

ine 57 months ago
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Search Sparkle & Fade Pleated Chiffon Maxi Skirt

NovaLabelle 57 months ago
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I bought the same skirt in River Island in electric blue. But it's from last tear. Not sure if any shop still offers it

Lina.Mekaideche 55 months ago
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Red Lime Sunday

avatar imagecalgal 45 months ago


avatar imagerebecca.lea.54 52 months ago

Lauren Conrad collection kholes!! I have that exactly same skirt

avatar imagesammireyes17 55 months ago


avatar imageeulannae.douglas 59 months ago

would like this exact look

avatar imageamunique 61 months ago


avatar imagelara19985 45 months ago


this link sells the exact skirt for $10/6.36 pounds

avatar imagetillyouandiseethesun 48 months ago

Thai skirt is defiantly from tjmaxx I got the Same one in black!(:

avatar imageZahraSarwari 58 months ago

cute for the summer

avatar imageUniqueSquad 48 months ago

lovemelrose.com they have multiple colors

avatar imageC.Wood 52 months ago

Vero Moda :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l 57 months ago

Were can i get the blouse and the skirt?! Please help!

avatar imagepacsungirl0425 62 months ago

you can find this at forever21 or Charlotte Russe. The shirt that is

avatar imagesirry 56 months ago
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