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i know the picture is kinda weird but this are the schoes you're looking for. they have them in all kinds of colors
60 months ago
use the customize it option to change the colors!
41 months ago
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avatar imagekuyjkyjrt

Tiffany nike free run 3.0 V4 they were sold in very limited quantiles before the Nike X Tiffany Half marathon in Seattle I think. All in the chances of actually finding a pair are really really really low. You could probably find a replica online but as always I don't recommend it. I'm pretty sure that the event was in like 2012 ssssoooooo that kind of just further lowers the chances.

avatar imageDatenshi

I had these shoes and the toe on them peeled a little bit but if you are careful they can stay good!

avatar imageCalliegirl

I have the exact ones I love them I got them from this Online shop they are by Tiffany and co but Tiffany and co don't sell them they're called Tiffany and co Nike free runs 3.0 I'll try and find the website they were £110 but on sale for £50

avatar imagepilkington.jessica24

These shoes are really interesting and there is a really cool story behind them but to make this short and sweet these shoes are god damn near unobtainable. You are three years and 13.1094 miles to late.

avatar imageDatenshi

Hey check out my new post well message on my page it is for all the people who have liked my stuff !!

avatar imagethefashiongak

Beetje wazig

avatar imagejilynne

buy from here

avatar imagevm74t


avatar imagelovemalinois

Nike shop will do these! Try footlocker or just type in turquoise Nike running trainers into Google

avatar imagedemique.cooke

avatar imageVanyfree

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams


avatar imageisachadic


avatar imageaisha_zaid

They're so cute!!

avatar imagealana101

avatar imagejricci

Nike free run 5.0 "Tiffany blue"

avatar imagemidcity_ant

thank youuuuuu all guys!

avatar imagekattsok2000

I know

avatar imagealana101

Watch out for fake ones!

avatar imageyoungcarterofin

Want them so bad

avatar imageMarissa21

it's no longer at that link :(

avatar imageSaraBeara44

Nike Free 3.0

avatar imageyoungcarterofin

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant that<3

avatar imagelnaz

Becareful of where u buy them. These shoes are not available at most authorized nike retailers so if you buy them their probably fake. Or if u get them online the scammers may just take the money and never ship the shoes. Just a tip :)

avatar imagefaithlovely
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