KiCastro and 1917 more want to know where to get these shoes
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KiCastro and 1917 more want to know where to get these shoes

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The link is a direct link to these exact shoes. although you can also customize them :)
67 months ago
Not mentioned
these are nike roshe run but you have to personalize them because this color doesn't exist (: (sorry i'm french)
66 months ago
Not mentioned
they're out of commerce, but here you can personalize your own pair!
64 months ago
They are called yhe Nike Roshe Rush id.. You will have to
customizable them into that color... I did it online it was really easy.
65 months ago
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How do you get a discount on the clothes ? :D

cici_freshh 65 months ago
avatar image

The only discount that we have right now.. Are on orders 40.00 and up free shipping .. But it's the holidays, you never know what free item will be in your package

Disphunktional 65 months ago
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They are selfmade, you can't buy them.. ;(

avatar imageyvanka.xo 38 months ago

This design is not mass made, but if you go to the nike website you can customise you're own and make them exactly like this xxx

avatar imageescaife 45 months ago

maybe try to get them on ebay or custom made ;)

avatar imageloganmiller023 47 months ago


avatar imageclaudia.cruz18 48 months ago

Wow i wonder where these are from oh wait... its Nike surprise

avatar imagecassie.b.cabral 49 months ago

i think its nike rosh run white

avatar imageFashionsarah 49 months ago

Nike ID :)

avatar imageJanine~ 49 months ago

Nike just customize them

avatar imagevarelascandy8 52 months ago

Just go to the page nike and make your own nike shoes .. 130€

avatar imagefashionqueeeen 58 months ago

You will probably have to customize these at the official Nike online store!

avatar imagejulia_gutlich 61 months ago


avatar imageClothesLoveRR 61 months ago

Just use NikeiD

avatar imageShianCombs 62 months ago

You have to customize them on nike.com they don't sell that color

avatar imagemichelleeha 63 months ago

What are these shoes called and are they in sizes 1 or 2?

avatar imagebobbbbbbbbbyyyyyyface 40 months ago

Nike custom to find these

avatar imageinspirachanel 44 months ago

These are customized, you can go to Nikeid.com and customize them :)

avatar imageroxxanne 46 months ago

Go to nike's website there can jou custorme you nike roshe run :)

avatar imageLoveeyouux 50 months ago

You can customize them to any color you want on NikeID

avatar imagebeecher.dort 51 months ago

www.brandsneaker.com @$72

avatar imagejustin1985 51 months ago

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams 56 months ago

Try www.nike.com

avatar imageshaejones 60 months ago

Similar to the picture.

avatar imagejackey 62 months ago

found similar ones http://es.nike0.com/nike-air-max-ltd-5-blanco-negro-outlet-online-p-1756.html

avatar imageluiza.perez.98 62 months ago

wear you get your shoes

avatar imageLakota_crabtree12 63 months ago

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams 56 months ago

these are customize nike roushe shoes.. all you have to do is go to the website. find this style shoe and customize it to make them like this

avatar imageayonaaa 56 months ago

I want them too! Can somebody tell me which model are they?

avatar imageAna311099 56 months ago


avatar imagehoney_west 58 months ago

You have to go in the nike id website to custom create this shoe style yourself.

avatar imageOmig01 58 months ago

avatar imagefashion_byeva 58 months ago

Nike id, you have to design them yourself on the nike website

avatar imagepem 58 months ago

Is still a nike ID

avatar imagenatasza.nowak.3 58 months ago

American appeal

avatar imagechrissypie20 60 months ago

The watch

avatar imagekristinpernot 61 months ago

Where to get these shoes???

avatar imagemarynegsn 62 months ago

They can be found where?

avatar imageManon_bnst 62 months ago

custom made at http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/product/roshe-run-id/

avatar imageLoveForRI 62 months ago


avatar imagecapnbuttrflybritches 64 months ago

these shoes can only be made if you customise them yourself and they are $115 and they don't ship to places like australia :( unless you find a fake pair ! xx

avatar imagegnarlyy 58 months ago


avatar imagekristinpernot 61 months ago


avatar imagejennikrczk 61 months ago

theyre called Nike Roshe Runs. u can search around for them, that colors hard to find

avatar imagepsbellachanel 67 months ago

On nike.com, you can customize it!

avatar imagerobinooo 64 months ago

those are custom made nike roshe runs. you can make them on the nike website in nikeID.

avatar imagechromass 63 months ago
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