lizbethserrano93 and 4908 more want to know where to get this blouse
lizbethserrano93 and 4908 more want to know where to get this blouse

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Similar, hope it helped a bit
43 months ago
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shipping is free. the necklace in the picture is either this one or the one in my last tip. it's hard to tell which one it is.. but it is one of these. the other one is a locket and this one has a paw print in the middle
45 months ago
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there is $3 tax. i foud another necklace that looks really similar too, it it is either that one or this one.. they are very alike so it depends on if you want one with a paw print (other) or the locket (this one)
45 months ago
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These shorts are perfect

avatar imageBikini Luxe 31 months ago


avatar imagesierra.krystal 31 months ago

shirt & throw over?

avatar imageRenelle29 31 months ago

They're from brandy Melville I have them

avatar imagecierra.lester714 42 months ago

Okay i find it, this is denim shorts

avatar imageMegy 30 months ago

This image is from her instagram https://instagram.com/p/wpdCgzD5cS/?taken-by=priscillax103 and if you click on it, she tags where each item she is wearing is from. The image is from 35 weeks ago so the items most likely aren't available anymore, but the shorts are tagged as Brandy Melville

avatar imagekathrynscloset 37 months ago

These shorts are not available in brandy melville stores anymore.You can try poshmark though

avatar imageonpointclothing 38 months ago

I have a skirt from the same fabric as these shorts, it is Brandy Melville from 2013

avatar imagejanejanejane 42 months ago

This is where the photo is from https://instagram.com/p/2cSkSsD5Qt/?taken-by=priscillax103 and if you click on it she tags where each item she's wearing is from, it looks like the tag says the shorts are from Brandy Melville

avatar imagekathrynscloset 38 months ago

Follow my new ig @tianaqueenz

avatar imagetianaqueenz 43 months ago


avatar imageAntsaliane 45 months ago

If you look in hollister they have shorts really similar just a brighter sort of red but they were nearly sold out so I don't know if they still have them in stock

avatar image___gabby___ 44 months ago


avatar imagem.grace 43 months ago

According to the source of the photo (see @priscillax103 on instagram) they're from Brandy Melville Canada. I tried finding them on their USA website, but they're not available there.

avatar imagekyarorin 45 months ago
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