snails: where can i get this outift? please :)
shorts white bow floral studded daisy crop tops strapless fashion summer spring denim shirt flowers yellow tan pretty shoes high waisted high waste tumblr light blue button cute a bow girly girl gold High waisted shorts high waited shorts rivets studded shorts crop tops blouse tank top flowered shorts high waisted denim shorts High waisted shorts swimwear suit jeans sunflower high waisted white crop tops pink crop top daisy studs cut off shorts bandue flowered bow top high wasited shorts top fringe shorts clothes summer outfits summer outfits t-shirt crop tops flowered shorts High waisted shorts summer shirt bow bandeau bow crop top studded high waist shorts pants floral silver studs flower shorts cute shorts cutwe denim shorts daisy shorts high waisted denim shorts studded shortshigh waisted shorts crop
snails: where can i get this outift? please :)

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Those exact shorts aren't created anymore :( But fortunatly I found you a really similar beautiful pair here! Enjoy :)
85 months ago
62 months ago
Not mentioned
Not quite the same but similar.
83 months ago
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avatar imagetonz 48 months ago

that looks like a damn pillow case

avatar imagecicivilla 71 months ago


avatar imageTayTay143 73 months ago


avatar imagegemfire256 73 months ago


avatar imagegemfire256 74 months ago

We're will I get that top???

avatar imageshenedaprice 75 months ago

Sabo Skirt used to sell these

avatar imageannieb 79 months ago

I'm pretty sure this outfit is sold out now but its from an australian store called sabo skirt

avatar imagecalicass_015 80 months ago

You can also look out for printed jeans and make your own shorts! Check out your nearest resale shop and get creative!! :)

avatar imageTeaganAnnesly 81 months ago

Similar ones on gethighwasted.com

avatar imagelaurabeewee 74 months ago

Researched. Another member on here named BootiTwerk:

The studded daisy shorts were originally sold by Sabo Skirt (in their vintage shorts category), sadly it's out of stock (it was $138 I believe)


avatar imageFreshToDeath 80 months ago

from saboskirt.com called "miss daisy". SOLD OUT

avatar imagedenejackson 84 months ago

The studded daisy shorts were originally sold by Sabo Skirt (in their vintage shorts category), sadly it's out of stock (it was $138 I believe)

avatar imageBootiTwerk 99 months ago
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