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This is a very similar portable printer. The only difference is that its wireless and it works with multiple devices (Including iOS, Android and Windows Phones). Its very nice. I hope you like it.
49 months ago
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not a case, but the newest thing to print directly your photos!
49 months ago
sooo this case hasn't "launched" yet but im pretty sure its going to. it says that its launching soon on kickstarter. the link has more information :) shoot me a thanks and follow if helped
49 months ago
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Nevaehmanigault 49 months ago
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thank you sooo much !

zoe.vg 49 months ago
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Is an Iphone mini drucker, Maybe in amazon.es or a similar web you can find it.

avatar imagecarluchita4 46 months ago

is this product only releasing for apple ? or is there one for android phones? too???

avatar imageKalinGrace 49 months ago

Thank u

avatar imageMorositas 49 months ago


avatar imagelxttlemxsstrendy 50 months ago

It's called Prynt. You can't buy them yet, but the tip I just posted is a link to more information about it!

avatar imageBeccaM 45 months ago

You can only pre-order it

avatar imageHapahippie 48 months ago


avatar imageketchup2304 48 months ago

where did you get the picture? :)

avatar imagerikkemig99 50 months ago

It's not available yet, but will be in 2015. For more info check pryntcases.com

avatar imagegiovanna.gennari 50 months ago

Check kickstarter they are launching a pre-release, it's about $100 if I remember correctly

avatar imageprincessarussia 50 months ago

Coming soon! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/prynt/prynt-the-first-instant-camera-case-for-iphone-and

avatar imageBoomKat 46 months ago

This product does not get launched until 2015!

avatar imageAurorass 50 months ago
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