kelaine: exact??
shirt los angeles white black crop tops sunglasses la grunge muscle tee fashion t-shirt shorts los angeles top brandy melville High waisted shorts losangeles brandy melville high waisted skinny light blue jeans high waisted denim shorts hipster white crop tops trill crop tops heart vintage blouse pretty a simple v High waisted shorts shirt white los angeles black and white los angelous crop. t-shirt shrts denim shorts heart sunglasses hipster hipster hipster high waisted shorts top white and black shirt
kelaine: exact??

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Search for heart sunglasses

Meganchirco 65 months ago
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urban outfitter has glasses like those but in silver:)
(OU heartbreaker glasses)

Arce1025 65 months ago
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Not mentioned
Both the black and white versions were originally sold at Brandy Melville but they don't sell them anymore so I found the black version on eBay, I couldn't find the white one anywhere, I hope this helps a bit xx
66 months ago
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Thank you!!

canyounotttt 66 months ago
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Thank you *-* i think the black one is nicer anyway ..thank you <3

cinimini 61 months ago
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61 months ago
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forever 21

avatar imageshirazshimon 58 months ago


avatar imagetxnyaa@gmail.com 58 months ago

eBay, just type in heart sunglasses, got mine for $10

avatar imageloriell 59 months ago

Forever 21 or urban outfitters.

avatar imagebecause_cats 60 months ago

Brandy Melville $18

avatar imagebecause_cats 60 months ago

the outfit i s from tally weijl

avatar imagemisccccchi 61 months ago

It is from brandy melville, but i can't find it on their homepage right now. :(

avatar imagefashiionistah 61 months ago

The shirt is sold at pacsun

avatar imagesophiedavis 61 months ago

you can buy the shirt at the brandy Melville :)

avatar imageirisjuhhx 62 months ago

I bought them at forever 21 not sure if they still sell them though

avatar imagehayden.mcgee 64 months ago

Brandymelville.com under graphics

avatar imagehayden.mcgee 64 months ago

Brandy Melville

avatar imagedionna 61 months ago

Brandy and Melville

avatar imageLanaBanana 61 months ago

Brandy melville

avatar imagerelxxddd 61 months ago

$19 at Brandy Mellville

avatar imagejamiethegenie12 65 months ago

Shorts- Brandy Melville

avatar imageH❄️PE 64 months ago


avatar imagealexandra.dykeman 64 months ago

brandy melville! www.brandymelvilleusa.com

avatar imagemeganmowrer 68 months ago


avatar imagemikaylaco_ 62 months ago

I have this shirt and I love it. But the brand (Brandy Melville) does not sell it online anymore but they have similar shirts like this on their website. Pacsun also sells their brand so they might still have the shirt on their website or store. By the way the shirt price is $18 (I've seen people on ebay trying to sell it for 23 or more)

avatar imageKarahEast 66 months ago

they are both from brandy melville

avatar imageArce1025 65 months ago
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