suzanne_: I live in Sydney Australia and need these most desperately ! Hopefully something similar ? Online store ?
shoes high heels lime aliexpress neon yellow sexy neon neon heels gold chunky gold chain gold chain jewels neon shoes platform shoes peep toe heels yellow heels heels green yellow platform shoes cute high heels illuminous gold chain chain high heels neon anklet chain link chain gold link chain illuminous yellow yellow black heels gold chain gold jewelry neon yellow heels sheos yellow shoes tumblr pumps stilettos killer heels high heels hot blackheels yellow with gold chain
suzanne_: I live in Sydney Australia and need these most desperately ! Hopefully something similar ? Online store ?

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Love them

Selinajasmine23 48 months ago
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I seen them but i love the chain! :)

vikky.mckenzie 58 months ago
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You can also buy a chain and wrap it around your ankle, because I dont think the chain comes with the heels

AnastasiaAbigael 58 months ago
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Not exact but close enough (:
66 months ago
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I loved this accessory.
after seeing it, I bought it immediately.

thank you so much

I took the opportunity to buy do this:


cleo 65 months ago
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I received my order
very satisfied

cleo 65 months ago
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avatar imagekayiefa 58 months ago

These shoes are from Tracey Dimarco, from Jerseylicious, online store. It's called Princess Armor.http://princessarmor.storenvy.com/collections/448174-tracy-dimarco-eps-collection/products/5924995-restocked-large-chain-anklet-tde

you're welcome :)

avatar imageDelete_This 58 months ago


avatar imagetrill_lil_badiee 61 months ago


avatar imagelaetitia.briatte 56 months ago

Shoespie.com . They have the same exact ones .

avatar imagemercedessss. 56 months ago

I want this exact shoe,where can I find it?

avatar imagerave15_06 61 months ago

Forever 21 has them in black

avatar imagetrill_lil_badiee 61 months ago

www.pinkboutique.co.uk had these in a while ago !

avatar imagex-joy-x 56 months ago

its just a yellow shoe heels with a chain so you can use any shoe buy you can buy a golden chain want wrap it around your ankles :)

avatar imageDazzlinglove 63 months ago

I bought mine from http://www.theluxuriousangels.com/shop.html !

avatar imagebrunetteluxe 65 months ago

if you can't find them, then you could buy yellow heels and then two gold chain bracelets (:

avatar imageseekingfashion 65 months ago

These are very similar to the "Fergilicious Eileen Platform Pumps" on DSW dot com, hope this helps!

avatar imagekimber.owle 64 months ago
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