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I kinda liked this dress but more colorful to :D
50 months ago
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  • blouse
  • cardigan
  • coat
  • dress
  • jacket
  • jeans
  • jumpsuit
  • leggings
  • pajamas
  • pants
  • romper
  • shirt
  • shorts
  • skirt
  • socks
  • sweater
  • swimwear
  • t-shirt
  • tank top
  • tights
  • top
  • underwear
  • bag
  • belt
  • earphones
  • gloves
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avatar imagenylacruz

avatar imagenylacruz Exactly same one, for small money :)

avatar imageCassieCage

the necklace where do i get the necklace??

avatar imagerice--pudding

love that dress.

avatar imagebapdiva2004bapdiva2004

Ebay for wayyy cheaper

avatar imagetaylorlonye

But, I've Only Seen Black

avatar imageDesigner.Outfit

You Can Easily Get That At Forever 21

avatar imageDesigner.Outfit

Love Culture has this dress

avatar imagesummer1215225

avatar imagemzpeanutbuttercookie

Summa dress

avatar imageLydiia27 email $20

avatar imagetaylorkai

avatar imageDress Up Pretty

Divergence clothing

avatar imageleigh.thomson.188

Anyone know where I can find this dress? :) thxs

avatar imagemizzbcuban
is cheap there

avatar imagebutterfly.dias

avatar imageaurea.cruz

This is the site where you can get this dress in all colors

avatar imageCassandrae

avatar imagelee1997

avatar imagelee1997

avatar imageaurea.cruz

Seller Monica international trading #18$

avatar imagemsshelton1985

avatar imagemsshelton1985

u can find it at

avatar imageaurea.cruz

Is there a dress like that on Amazon?

avatar imagelana111

avatar imageSarah.alaouie

very similar dress..

avatar imageSarah.alaouie

I have this same dress for sale it's a size medium I never had it on it's too big

avatar imagejameshia.trenell

I wish they had the white one and not black one in stock!

avatar imagePsdlwatt

I love it! Where can i get it ????????

avatar imagedanielag1

Rosy ruby - holly ann dress

avatar imageash.harris.16

How much?

avatar imageloola

This dress is from

avatar imageBevuTrend has somethings similar.

avatar imageivetteh1998

They also have red and black

avatar imagesimplyundefinable

its out of stock :(

avatar imageKayAnnHenry

Its out of stock :(

avatar imageKayAnnHenry

The dress is by ILoveBDeS. :)

avatar imagexephael

Where are these shoes?! They are fantastic!

avatar imagecape

avatar imageMissLux

You can purchase one for $39.95 from lucy in the sky :)

avatar imagelc.xx has this dress I think!!!

avatar imagecaramelcarol

avatar imageDreamShop

avatar imageCelisMami


avatar imagemorgan.stapley

avatar imageAnne.Rerup the dress is only 14.06 if you want cheap

avatar imageovoxo_baby

avatar imageconfessionzOFaShoPaholic originally had this dress for$55

avatar imageivanashops

avatar imagemelissaashley

avatar imagehirah

It's from
But it is not available right now




avatar imagerolanaaa

avatar imagekiara.p.mclean

Go to it's $55 there exact one , it's the holly Anne dress

avatar imageivanashops

avatar imagequitadenise This is a Brittany deshields original dress

avatar imagechasoniquepeck

Where can I buy this dress?

avatar imageElinbreime

avatar imageFlorida_Bombshell

avatar imagejazzmin.moore

You can get this from topshop :) xx

avatar imageabitreece24

avatar imageDavo

avatar imageshahidah.k international shipping too! Check it out.

avatar imagesophia.hanvold

Rosyruby has it, originated from there

avatar imageivanashops

you can get this from famous frocks online in the whats new section

avatar imagemiranda.bartley.7

You can get it for like $17 on ❤️

avatar imagevildeemiliekj

Original Brittany deshields marrilym dress

avatar imagechasoniquepeck

avatar imagexdaphiex

Brittany deshields

avatar imageeulannae.douglas

avatar imagejess_selfiegirl

avatar imageSweetShannonx

Ismodo has a similar one in black which is alot cheaper too just search kandy pleated mini dress in the search on the ismodo website and you will find it !:)

avatar imageSweetShannonx

anywhere else i can find this dress for cheaper ?

avatar imageSelenaashley have this dress just not in white... Black blue or red :-)

avatar imagetoni.connell.9

look on mine. I just posted this dress & have 5 websites

avatar imageVsm_Iman This website does not let you shop online but see if there is a store located near you. They have that exact skirt for $16.99 and you can pair it with a nice tank....

avatar imagebeewill

You can get it custom made for $55AUD by emailing (Seen on the rosyrubyfashion Instagram account)

avatar imagechristinamour
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