theenword: white dress with split
dress jewels white white dress bodycon dress suede nude dress statement necklace bracelets suede dress party dress sexy dress slit dress cuff bracelet gold choker gold jewelry gold necklace mini dress beige dress seude slit skirt slit gold bracelet shorts short dress gold tight undefined sexy cute dress cool sweet amazing flawless dream noah new york city bag nude pretty jewelry gold chain braclet cute girl gold bracelet white short dress gold ring gold chain 3 ring arm cuff  gold no sleeve summer dress summer summer outfits bodycon dress nail polish dress clothes white jewelry bracelets found on pinterest necklace short slit gold bracelet good jewelry neckl homecoming 2014 asymmetrical any color cream dress cream bodycon white white and gold dress classy hair accessory tight-fitting dress fashion beige bracelets style cocktail funny elegant cut homecoming dress short homecoming dress open front light pink nude pretty pink slit Arm Cuff arm bracelet boho boho jewelry minimalist jewelry silver jewelry hand jewelry ring knuckle ring silver cocktail dress
theenword: white dress with split

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Nasty Gal
and here is the bracelet :-)
68 months ago
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This is soo beauts

AlanaYeboah 61 months ago
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Is this a legitimate website

Danielle_Marie 59 months ago
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Did Not See It.

ReGo 39 months ago
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66 months ago
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ayanna.richards 61 months ago
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Found it cheaper on eBay


CheriBarbie 59 months ago
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Hello, pls do you still have the Item available? Pls get back to me here. Neilymorgan23@gmail.com

neilymorgan 34 months ago
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Hello, pls do you still have the Item available? Pls get back to me here. Neilymorgan23@gmail.com

neilymorgan 34 months ago
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66 months ago
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Thank you!!

ircondie 66 months ago
Not mentioned
61 months ago
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avatar imagenylacruz 9 months ago

Moonstone Pendant Scynthia - Gemstone Silver Jewelry


avatar imagenylacruz 9 months ago


avatar imageGoJane 38 months ago


avatar imageGoJane 38 months ago

It's on fanewant.com for $45

avatar imageJaaaayyy 49 months ago

this dress is on fanewant.com or hottop.bigcartel

avatar imageJaaaayyy 49 months ago


avatar imageALHANIMANI 59 months ago

braclet nastygal.com

avatar imageanissa.worthington 61 months ago

I found the gold metal arm cuffs @aliexpress.com. They have them in rose gold as well.

avatar imagesuje 61 months ago

I think this is a kookai dress

avatar imageMissHolly Fashion 61 months ago

Where Can I Get This ??

avatar image_jheneaiko 62 months ago

Anybody ??? Lol I need that arm bracelet sooo bad

avatar imagebritmcgraw 63 months ago


avatar imageesmaaelsayed_ 58 months ago

Bebe sold this dress last year

avatar imagecathyy.d 59 months ago

This photo belongs to blogger allthingsslim. The dress was by Bebe it was the 'Lucy Geometric Dress' but it is no longer available for sale. To find more information about blogger's accesories and other outfits visit http://www.allthingsslim.com/2013/06/who-run-world.html

avatar imagehrhme 60 months ago

Nasty Gal!!! And for a readonsble price too!!

avatar imageayanna.richards 61 months ago

At Nasty gal

avatar imageNickyMilore 62 months ago


avatar imageCareecaree 62 months ago

This necklace is from ZARA :)

avatar imagek-eepcalm 62 months ago


avatar imagendeusbrito 60 months ago


avatar imagenix0627 62 months ago

it is from Bebe, but sold out

avatar imageAcycaa 62 months ago

The dress is from bebe dont know whether it's still available

avatar imageemma.brien.9 63 months ago


avatar imageNattyJ 64 months ago

where is the bracelet from?? love it!

avatar imagebewildhavefun 65 months ago

its called "Bebe Lucy Geometric Linen Dress" and was sold on bebe.com but its no longer on sale

avatar imageemny 59 months ago

This is the Bebe Lucy Geometric Dress, it's sold out on their website but Tobi.com has one that's almost exactly the same :) and the bracelets are from Nasty Gal-Chained Up! Hope I helped

avatar imageyouremygoldengirl 61 months ago


avatar imageniamhmccarthy 62 months ago


avatar imagetiti4suregurl 62 months ago

The necklace is the collar necklace from zara but it is sold out

avatar imagetrapicalpunch 63 months ago


avatar imageiris.pain 63 months ago

i saw this dress in ZARA

avatar imageems_123 64 months ago

it from Bebe: Lucy Geometric Linen Dress - http://www.bebe.com/catalog/search.cmd?form_state=searchForm&keyword=lucy&x=0&y=0

avatar imagecristiveliz 70 months ago

The exact necklace is from Forever 21

avatar imageshadeja. 61 months ago

The dress is from BeBe.com but it's sold out online

avatar imageloveermani 66 months ago

The bracelet is by NastyGal, the necklace is by Zara - http://www.allthingsslim.com/2013/06/who-run-world.html

avatar imagestylishsmartie 66 months ago

I already found it here... http://wheretoget.it/look/114483

avatar imageAcycaa 68 months ago

the photo is from the blogger I follow,so here are the links to everything and the whole look picture :-) ... http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BenilStP3kI/Ua0Yt7sIYwI/AAAAAAAAE-8/XU-iIXP_Tqs/s1600/wrtw7.JPG

avatar imageAcycaa 68 months ago
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