ultimate_vogue: wahh so pretty *_*
shoes high tops silver sparkle summer sneakers white holographic vintage disco neon swag holographic hightop high top sneakers shiny glossy rainbow stylish platform shoes jordans nikes silver shoes kicks high top sneakers high top sneakers white sneakers trainers sparkle retro shimmer shimmery cool dope amazing holographic shoes hologram shoes metallic cute style tennis shoes metallic shoes hipster 90s grunge high top sneakers whiteshoes irredesent tumbr high top lace up nike iridescent
ultimate_vogue: wahh so pretty *_*

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These exact ones were from H&M but its sold out. I found a similar one on NastyGal
68 months ago
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think that the sneakers, you posted are on hidden platform, no?
i really need HM ones... maybe pre-owned, doesn't matter.. but i really felt in love with them:)

agreen 68 months ago
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and i think that sneakers from Nastygal aren't holographic, just silver, or i'm wrong?:))

agreen 68 months ago
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I got mine from h&m and they are a regular high top sneakers no hidden platform or wedge is there

unico 59 months ago
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I am selling pre-owned size 38 email me at littlewhittle.com@hotmail.com

littlewhittle.com 53 months ago
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it's not H&M...but they look the same as them :)
67 months ago
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they don't have my size:((

agreen 67 months ago
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Unavailable :( and they never have my size

cupcake_queenb122 62 months ago
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I hope you are a size 6 or 7... I'm 9 and they don't have my size :(
67 months ago
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those are last years holographic sneakers from H&M...try E-bay :-)

avatar imageAcycaa 67 months ago


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