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Love these boots

avatar imageshoechic30

Cute boots

avatar imageshoechic30

Omg fab

avatar imagejaidy.menendez

avatar imagecamillafcc

exact this one is from ZARA, two years ago?

avatar imagedianadominique

avatar imagesadiehalley

From Zara :)

avatar imageelisa_far

Mango - 30 Euros

avatar imagexRianne22

Want the shoes

avatar imagenadine_yassine If you want the real Dr martins then they are here on sale so hurry

avatar imageizzia

Thank you all

avatar imagekatrínax

if u just get some high wasted shorts or any color high wasted shorts u want than just by some studs like u can get some for like a few bucks at Michael's and just get some strong holding fabric glue then u will have those cute and amazing shorts!

avatar imagejelisaraquelalexander

Can you bit like all my shut I'm trying to sleep please thanks

avatar imageshaynierauch13

New Look has the blouse :)

avatar imagegiovana.braia

American eagle sale items

avatar imagekaylaj216!

avatar imagedaniellemarion

Hollister shirt, shorts, pacsun 49$ boots dr martens 220

avatar imagesamxhughes

Both h&m and new look have this at the moment

avatar imagenataliejane97

It's from Zara but two years ago..

avatar imageleakarouby

Shirt from zara

avatar imageilikewalkinginthedark

Where can I find the shirt and the boots too?

avatar imageidontwantfeelingsiwantnewclothes

mango ?29,99

avatar imagexRianne22

I got boots like those in JCPenny

avatar imageromeow


avatar imagequeen1212

They doc martens. You can get them for around $120 in stores.

avatar imageAnnaliesez

Brandy Melville

avatar imagehotvibes

alexander mcqueen scarf >>>

avatar imagethe-fitnessqueen

boots 100% from dr martens >>>

avatar imagethe-fitnessqueen

studded shirt 100% from zara >>>

avatar imagethe-fitnessqueen

The cheapest way to get flannel shirts is definitely thrifting and if you're not into that forever 21, h&m, and wetseal sell them for on prices

avatar imageKayWilz2012



This is the shirt, I guess :)

avatar imageshannyth (no studs)
Only (studded, also in green , €30)

avatar imageCheyenne4426

The shirt is from Zara. But it's an old collection. You can find similar at Abercrombie & Fitch and a Hollister :)x

avatar imageyasminae

You can find similar at Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollisterco :)x

avatar imageyasminae

Levi's :)x

avatar imageyasminae

LNA clothing is where you find the shirt!!!

avatar imagefashion4ever

Doc martens classic

avatar imagesoahk

Doctor martins

avatar imageanonymous

avatar image_elldavis

Alexander mcqueen scarf

avatar imageilikewalkinginthedark

Rings from h&m

avatar imageilikewalkinginthedark

Levi’s 501 shorts

avatar imageilikewalkinginthedark

H&m (:

avatar imagesaskia19

It´s from Zara, fall/winter 2012-2013

avatar imagestephyy22

Forever twenty one and h&m are doing a range of these plaid shirts at the moment! :)

avatar imageChloForShort

Foot asylum and schuh do these doc martens! :)

avatar imageChloForShort

U can get this at Ambercombie & Fitch

avatar imagebrittney.brannen

American apparel :)

avatar imageJasmynAnja



Shirt was from Zara, but not sure if it's sold out x

avatar imagejess_hedley_

Just bought the same shirt in hm $15.00

avatar imagekaylaj216

The shoes are dr martens

avatar imagealicelmilner

Isn't it Dr. Martens? - Because then you can just search on Google. You can buy it almost everywhere :)

avatar imagefielillelund

The shorts are from Levi's :)x

avatar imageyasminae

Look on or make some out of high waisted jeans from the thrift store

avatar imagemckenna.e.chandler

Doc martens!!:-)

avatar imagegermywormy

these are 100% Levi's 501 shorts >>>

avatar imagethe-fitnessqueen

press the thanks button please

avatar imageFashionshadows

I think that the shorts are either from Levi's or GAP. At least they are very simliar the models the brands have :-)

avatar imagevivianblomsterengh

Urban outfitters - Levis

avatar imageelliejones

If you are looking I find any clothes, I suggest that u image search them on google. I do this all the time, and it does help me. But it needs to be done in a computer. When you do search the image, it will show all the websites that have to deal with it. I really hope I helped. ☺️

avatar imagebaexoxxx
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