evajayxxx: Where can I buy this bikini from?
swimwear orange yellow lines bikini colorful retro bikini swimwear two-piece undefined clothes strappy bikini beach bright summer rainbow sexy colorful swimwear neon bikini rainbow bikini colorful brand pattern design multi coloured multi string dress aliexpress underwear neon straps colorful cute bikini's colorful vibrant string multicolor multicolor strings swimwear neon swimsuit strappy neon bathing suit swimwear string bikini bikini rainbow color stringy neon suit lace up aztec turquoise necklace summer outfits bra bralette top triangle crop tank top cut offs cut-out swimsuit sheer two-piece mesh crop tops style rainbow bikin bather colorful bikini 2015 bikini hot bikini sexy bikini colorful bikini swimwear bikini bottoms bikini top swimwear two piece triangle bikini triangle top rinbow bathing suit coloful string bikini fashion
evajayxxx: Where can I buy this bikini from?

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Holy shit. ? Im so buying it. ? thank you.

johanna.ignarsson 51 months ago
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she custom makes these
61 months ago
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Them bottoms are not the same does anyone know were I can get the original ones thanks xx

amelialee 61 months ago
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Just found it on ebay, bargain price x
51 months ago
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babygirlc 62 months ago
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I dont know.. I could only find it on ebay.

johanna.ignarsson 62 months ago
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Ahhh might keep lookin e bay!!! Thank you x

babygirlc 62 months ago
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Thank youuu!!

lovebridge315 65 months ago
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Your the best

aillimad 65 months ago
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Jacquelynb9267 64 months ago
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avatar imageheycrissyhey 46 months ago


avatar imageDivine97deux 57 months ago

Le bas est normalement vendu sur le m

avatar imageDivine97deux 61 months ago

can't find bottoms :/

avatar imagesiobhan.martin.370 62 months ago

Please anyone help its last years fashion

avatar imagebrokenigga7777 62 months ago


avatar imageamandarr 51 months ago

this bikini is from Yadys idk if they still have it though

avatar imagesophia.s.vazquez 54 months ago

I really wish they would stop posting bogus links to the items in my feed. I may have to follow in your footsteps ShowCorp and respond to all the FAKE links they post. Great job letting everyone know that dealing with LeniXo or dresstique.highwire.com or www.dresstique.com or whatever they NOW call themselves is worthless and none-the-less a pure SCAM. :(

avatar imageShufrenzy 62 months ago

where did you buy this from totally need~~2!

avatar imagexobubbles22 65 months ago


avatar imagesales-world 51 months ago

Does anyone know where I could get the bottom for the swimsuit please.

avatar imagecindiidesousa 61 months ago

lefrou.com *exact bikini*

avatar imageMADZ29 62 months ago
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