lucy_louise and 539 more want to know where to get these jewels
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lucy_louise and 539 more want to know where to get these jewels

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for the iphone 4s
they stock other phone cases too iphone 5s etc
62 months ago
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i've got a pink/gold diamond midframe too. You can order them at ebay. but be carefull with the replacement!

ccheyenne__ 58 months ago
Phone Case. iphone 6 case. phone cover. cute silver phone cover. glitter phone cover.
14 months ago
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How much are they to get the actual phone and not the case

avatar imageharriettheathhx 46 months ago

where can i get this how can i pay money..

avatar imagelikhitha 58 months ago

harrods their prices start at 3k its made with swoarski crystals and its on the actual phone, its not a case but u can get cases similar on ebay for cheap

avatar imagebecauseimhappy 61 months ago

I love your phone ❤️❤️❤️

avatar imageerinelol 52 months ago

harrods sells them, its not a phone case its the actual phone its covered in swarski crystals prices start from 3k but you can something similar put on phone cases everyone in london is doing it at the moment

avatar imagebecauseimhappy 65 months ago


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