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Barbour 125th anniversary icons beaufort jacket i always used to say that the quilted beadnell was my favorite barbour of all time, but i don’t know, guys. it’s now tied with the beaufort for first place! okay. so the beaufort is part of barbour’s 125th anniversary collection, and it’s casually the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen. note the tartan lining, which makes it super preppy and super cozy. i can normally only wear my waxed jackets for a few months per year, as chicago has very few “mildly cold” days. ;) the beaufort, however, is so much warmer and cozier… and i still wear it now, in december, if i’m not going to be outside for super long stretches of time. i wore it to pick up emma at school the other day while it was snowing and i was totally fine. me! crazy, i know. also notice the knit detailing around the wrists. this helps to ensure warmth, too. oh, and i can’t forget the gold hardware. that’s tough to find, but doesn’t it add so much to the jacket? i’m clearly obsessed. runs tts for barbour. i’m wearing a size u.s. 4, what i normally wear in the brand, here. and in the vest, i’m wearing a size u.s. 6, as it’s a little more fitted. hope that helps! -kelly

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