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I just made those exact ones on the timberland website the other day haha. Click on 'customize' at the top of this page I linked to you. 2) then on the left you can choose men's 6'' boot or women's waterville 6'' boot whichever you prefer. 3) customize your timb's :) . If anyone wants the exact ones in the picture; keep reading. The following is the colors or 'formula' to use to get the exact timb's in the picture; 1) upper : brick red nubuck 2) tounge : brick red nubuck 3) heel : brick red nubuck 4) side panel : brick red nubuck 5) collar : black 6) hardware : antique brass 7) stitching : red 8) midsole - angora 9) outsole - translucent honey 10) laces - all black 11) monogram is optional, so do what ever you want there. 12) add to cart and buy your customized timb's ! Hope this helps everyone !

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