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7. beauty-wise i'm taking my travel sized companions. this mini cleanse and polish won't fill up my makeup bag and i'm really loving this murad skincare set*. it comes with travel sized, oil-control 'mattifier' moisturiser, five sachets of clarifying wipes for removing makeup and built up oils on the skin and a mini murad primer which i've used before and really like. i don't normally use primers as they tend to block my pores and make my foundation look even worse but this tinted primer can be used alone and is very gentle to sensitive skin. i'm also throwing in a sleek pout polish in 'bare minimum', which works as both a lip balm and has a hint of colour and gloss. it's not sticky and it smells like dessert! what do you always pack for a short trip away or an overnight stay? no matter how much i plan and how many lists i write i always forget to take something and bring way to much , keys, phone and i can even fit my ipad mini in there

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