Male, 36 years old

Lives in United States, Sneaker Collector

I'm a sneaker collector and part-time male-to-female crossdresser. Odd combination, I know, but oh well. When it comes to sneakers I'm mostly into vintage and retro styles. As for dressing I love makeup and trying out new styles. I use this site both to find things I want and showcase things I have, some of which are for sale (mostly sneakers). Ask me for details.

I'm also here to help people find and obtain things from the US. Are you overseas and see a pair of shoes, shirt, jeans, etc you want but they're only sold in the US? For a small fee I can ship them to you. There are several ways we can do this so please email me at for details. You can see my eBay profile for feedback (ID: dc8203) and I have a paypal account for quick, reliable, and transparent transactions. Let me know! :)