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This fall, we’re teaming up with Public Desire to help you find the perfect shoes for your next date. Or a night out on the town with the girls. Or...well, you get it.

Based in the UK, Public Desire is a global online footwear brand selling new styles daily to fashion forward girls looking for stylish updates without breaking the bank.

Public Desire is exclusively offering Wheretoget members the chance to win a €200 giftcard.

The contest will take place over four days -- from 2pm on Thursday until 11:59pm on Sunday. Please keep in mind that this is based on Eastern Standard Time.

How do I win?
Over the four days, participants will have to post as many relevant tips as possible in order to rack up a maximum number of points.
Only points on tips posted during the contest will be counted.

Can I ‘tip’ about anything?
The main rule is that you must post relevant 'tips'. The tips must match what they are posted on! We want to keep the competition fair for everyone. Plus, tips unrelated to their photos don't help people find the fashion items they are looking for, and that's our main goal!

How do I get points?
For the record, Wheretoget’s point system is works as the following:
1 tip = 1 point
1 thanks = 10 points

All points must be earned fairly. You may not create a new account in order to ‘thank’ yourself. An excessive amount of irrelevant tips will lead to disqualification. We want to give everyone equal chances of winning! There will be a different winner each week.

When will I know if I won?
On Monday after the contest, we will contact the winner and put them in touch with the brand so that they can get their gift card.

Ask any questions you may have in this forum and we'll get back to you ASAP.
Posted 22 months ago

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