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I joined Wheretoget five days ago and as you can see I already have almost 100 followers! Here's how to get that many followers in just a few days!
On October 22 I had around 16 followers. Then I woke up the next day to get on where to get and I had 87 followers here's how I did it!

To be famous on where to get
1. you have to be on the site (or app) daily for at least five days to get to 100 followers. Comment your opinion on peoples posts and they will hopefully follow you.
2. Follow people on where to get that have lots of followers so that other people will look into their followers and see that your following the famous people on where to get and they will follow you!
3. Like a lot of things and people will see that you liked their post and follow you!

That's how to get famous on Wheretoget!
Posted 13 months ago

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