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OMG guys! Any fans of Game of Thrones here? I just watch the new season premiere and it was EPIC. The story! The costume! I would love to discuss with fellow GoT fans here:)
Posted 11 months ago
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No spoilers please
Posted 11 months ago

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hi i just saw the episode 4 is great ;)

sorry for the bad english in advance

some theories i have are:
jon and dae are going to sleep together in this season
little finger is going t die sansa has had enough of him

brand stark was the one that made the mad king mad, just like hodor, due to the fact he in the end only said burn them all (brand said it because of the walkers)

dae is going to go mad (she just wants power) not sure due, just like the white walkers may not be that bad)
jon will be allways the good guy
Posted 10 months ago

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