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Hi all,

I would like to buy a bikini from Asics. To be more specific: The Acics Kanani Bikini.
Unfortunately Asics does not sale swimwear in Europe. Also, Asics (USA) does not ship to Europe/Germany and have it not in stock at the moment.
I could not find other shops which have the Bikini in the assortment and ships to Germany.

At the moment it seems that there is no way for me to buy the bikini.
Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

Bikini: Asics Kanani
Color: Berry/Navy, Black/Black, Royal/Black, Miami/Chimera
Size: Small
Example: http://www.asics.com/us/en-us/kanani-bikini-bottom/p/0010213239.6550

By the way:
The Bikini is reversible. But there are at least three different fronts. How can that be? Asics could not answer that...


So I guess that there are two different variants of the bikini. I do not know which variant I get when I buy one.
However, both variants are great.
Posted 11 months ago
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I recently found a nice service. It is called Shipito https://www.shipito.com . Once you are registered here you will get an address in the USA. Then you can buy your stuff and send it to the USA-Address. After that Shipito will send it to you. So I think I will try this service.

Where can I buy this bikini in the USA (except Amazon and Ebay)?

Also: The colororing of the bikini is still unclear to me. Any Ideas?
Posted 10 months ago
United States
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hello, I think that you can search more in Google, I am sure you can find more.
Posted 10 months ago
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buy online or visit a store .
Posted 9 months ago

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