Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wheretoget?

Wheretoget is a platform where everyone can get inspired by Fashion looks and find the dream clothes they've been craving.
Wheretogetters (that's you!) post pictures of outfits that inspired them, and help each other find out where to buy them.
We are the best way to shop, get inspiration and exchange with people from all around the world.

How can I earn point?

You earn points each time you help out the community.

ActionPointsWhy you will earn points
Post a tip
Post a tip on a look
1 point You earn a point because you helped the community by posting a quality shopping tip redirecting to a trustable e-shop.
If a member reports your tip as irrelevant, it will be deleted by a moderator and you will loose your point.
Get thanked for a tip you posted
10 points Your tip was on point and particularly relevant: a member thanked you for it! You earn 10 points!
Everytime someone adds your tip to their wishlist
10 points Your tip was helpful and relevant. Thanks to you, Wheretogetters will be able to get what they craved! You earn 10 points!

What can I do with points I earned?

There are a bunch of rankings on Wheretoget: you can compete in the weekly, monthly or all-time leaderboard. These rankings will matter during contests when you'll have to earn as many points as possible in a limited period of time.