Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wheretoget?

Wheretoget is a platform where everyone can get inspired by looks and can shop these looks.

On Wheretoget, we get raw pictures of looks (those you usually find on Tumblr...) and we try to match each look with the right products. We enhance inspiring looks to make them buyable.

Who posts product links that are associated to looks?

You. Me. Everyone can post a product link. We encourage you to do it to help other people. You will surely receive a bunch of thanks.

How can I earn points?

You earn points each time you do something good for the community.

ActionPointsWhy you will earn points
Post a tip on a look 1 point It's good for the community to have a lot of shopping tips that redirect to beautiful products for every look. I know that it is sometime very difficult to find the right product. So when you post a tip, you will earn 1 point. But if your tip is not relevant it will be deleted by a moderator and you will loose your point.
Get thanked for a tip you posted 10 points It's good for the community to have high quality product tips then when someone thanks you for a tip you posted, you will get 10 points. If 10 people thank you, you will earn 100 points !

What can I do with points I earned?

There are a bunch of ranking on Wheretoget : you can compete in the global weekly, monthly or all-time leaderboard. Or you can compete in every tag rankings. For example you can be the number one on "Madonna". Isn't it cool?

Why can't I tag pictures?

Tagging pictures you didn't post requires 200 points. We set up this limit because we think you must be using Wheretoget for a few days before knowing how to tag looks correctly.