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In 1973 Timberland built its original yellow boot. It was a rugged, durable, waterproof leather boot made for cold, wet weather. The boot went on to become both the icon and name of the brand, symbolizing a heritage of authenticity and quality. Timberland boots are now known to be the best and most stylish boots in the world for both men and women. You can find these premium leather boots in many colors: green, pink, blue, brown, tan, red, black, grey, light and brown. To make them even more dope, you can now rock them in the colour white! Don't let cold, wet weather dictate your style. Kick it fresh year-round with classic pair of white Timberlands. No matter your style, gender or age, there is a pair of either Junior’s, Women’s or Men’s white Timberland shoes for you in your size. You can do everything from hiking to shopping in a pair of Timberland 6" Premium Lined WP Boots. In winter, you can wear a pair of white Teddy Fleece Fold Down Premium Timberland’s. In the summer you can wear a pair of Slim Premium 6 Inch white Timberland’s. This new ankle boot style of Timberlands is a slimmer, more refined version of the Premium 6. The slim premium in white mono nubuck leather boots lace up front, have a padded collar and a tough cleated rubber sole for great durability and traction. A pair of white Timberland’s will give your look a clean, sophisticated vibe while still keeping your swag on point. Pair your white Timberland’s with ripped jeans and a white tee for a casual and monochromatic look. Or contrast the white boots with a pair of black jeans or leggings for the most comfortable look possible. You can even pair them with a dress to give your look a more rugged, tomboy style. The only difficulty you’ll have with white Timberland boots is deciding which style and color details to buy. You can go for the all-over white version for the purest, simplest style statement. You can also pick the version with black soles and laces. Decisions, decisions … if only we could manage to get one of each, we would be covered for any occasion! Either way, you’ll be buying Timberland’s, the hottest brand of boots that will keep your feet comfortable and your style on point. Check out our feed of White Timberlands to find the exact pair that fit your style. Since the 1990s, Timberlands have been widely associated with urban chic style; however, this has not always been the case. Founded in 1918 in Boston, Massachusetts, Timberland started with a vision of creating boots conducive for an outdoor lifestyle, primarily catering to a blue-collar clientele base. Originally called The Abington Shoe Company, the brand started to garner international attention in 1965 for its pioneering injection-molding technology, which enabled the creation of waterproof boots without stitching the soles to the leather uppers. The company called their new, state-of-the-art boots Timberlands. The brand’s innovative design saw Timberlands skyrocket in popularity, especially in the construction industry, and the boots soon became the brand’s signature; prompting the company to officially change their name to The Timberland Company in 1973. It was not until the 1990s that Timberlands became widely associated with hip-hop culture, becoming a coveted status symbol signaling success and street cred. Hip-hop icons like Biggie Smalls and Tupac began wearing and rapping about Timberlands, distancing them from their every-day blue-collar associations and planting them firmly in the realm of urban chic fashion. This re-contextualization - from a working class product to a token of affluence and superstardom – falls in sync with the greater phenomenon of repurposing, undoubtedly giving Timberlands their cool edge. Today, Timberlands have pushed their urban chic style further into the realm of glamorous decadence with White Timberlands. White Timberlands embrace the brand’s high-fashion urban side. With their sleek stylish aesthetics, White Timberlands have become the ultimate symbol of refined street style, prompting collaborations with various noteworthy designers including Dover Street Market, Supreme, and Louis Vuitton. In addition to collaborations, the brand also offers a myriad of customizations, resulting in a variety of aesthetics from sleek to glamorous to retro to artistic. Whether opting for stylish gold detailing, golden adornments, cool white mesh covering, metallic spikes, leopard print tongues, artistic motif interiors, golden chains and laces, or furry inlays, White Timberlands epitomize glamorous urban chic fashion. Because of their unique, refined aesthetic, White Timberlands have become a favorite of fashion-forward celebrities like Drake, Cara Delevigne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Amber Rose. Although Timberland's consumer base has drastically changed in the past thirty years, the boots’ high-performance materiality and superior quality have remained uncompromised. Leaders in innovation, the brand continues to transform based upon current aesthetic trends, proving that although their foundation is solidly rooted in a blue-collar past, their future continues to accommodate a growing fashion-focused client base.