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Founded in 1918 in Boston, Massachusetts, Timberland started with a vision of creating boots conducive for an outdoor lifestyle. Working under the name of The Abington Shoe Company, the brand began to garner international attention in 1965 for its pioneering injection-molding technology, which enabled the creation of waterproof boots without stitching the soles to the leather uppers. The company called their new, state-of-the-art boots Timberlands, and within years the boots' popularity skyrocketed, especially in the construction industry; soon becoming the brand’s signature. On account of the boots’ unprecedented popularity, the brand officially changed its name to The Timberland Company in the year 1973, and began introducing other products into its repertoire shortly after, including: casual shoes, clothing, women’s boots and outdoor wear. Today, despite still having a large presence in the world of outdoor wear, especially in the realm of construction and outdoor adventures, Timberlands have become increasingly synonymous with an overall urban chic aesthetic. The re-contextualization of an everyday, working class product into the realm of trendy, urban fashion falls in sync with the wider hipster phenomena of repurposing; undoubtedly giving Timberlands their cool edge. Nevertheless, although Timberlands consumer base has changed, the boots’ high-performance materiality and superior quality have remained uncompromised. Adorning the feet of some of today’s most fashionable celebrities, Timberlands continue to be a staple component of trendsetting ensembles. Although the boots’ classic beige coloring continues to be the most popular, its aesthetic has begun branching out into a variety of innovative styles: white Timberlands embrace the brand’s high-fashion urban side, incorporating a variety of chic detailing like golden adornments, white mesh covering, golden chain laces and artistically-motif interiors whereas women’s style, matte black ankle boots have become popular option for their versatility and refined simplicity. Timberlands are also widely associated with hip-hop culture and have long been a coveted status symbol signaling street cred. In the 90s, hip-hop icons like Biggie Smalls and Tupac began wearing and rapping about Timberlands, distancing them from their everyday blue-collar associations and planting them firmly in the realm of big money and urban fashion. Today, Timberlands are worn by some of hip-hop and RnB’s most stylish celebrities including Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Jay-Z and Drake, who, in sync with an underlying rebellious attitude and subversive street aesthetic, often wear their Timberlands folded down, loose and untied.