footie pajamas

We all know what it is like coming home after a hard day at work. There is nothing better than getting out of uncomfortable work clothes and putting on a onesie. A fabulous, fun, and not to mention warm, invention, onesies, otherwise known as footie pajamas come in a whole variety of different colors, patterns and styles. So when were they invented? Pajamas were introduced in the 17th century. Denton Sleeping Mills Co mass produced footie pajamas much later. Originally intended for young children, a new craze started in the noughties when Henrik Norstrud and Knut Gresvig sewed hoodies to sweatpants. One Direction, Kate Moss and Justin Bieber have rocked onesies! From animal blanket sleepers with hoods and ears to fashionable printed onesies, there is a huge amount of choice out there!

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