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In 2012, the emoticon as we knew it turned thirty years old. It is strange to think back about the time when emojis did not exist. How did we even express our feelings before? There are countless emojis expressing multiple emotions including: smiling face, smiling face with smiling eyes, smiling face with open mouth, smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes, grinning face, and the smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes all express different levels of happiness. The smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat shows happiness like the other smiling faces, but there is also an element of relief. The face with tears of joy is used to show laughter and is closely related to LOL. The smiling face with sunglasses is used to show coolness. The flushed face shows embarrassment for an awkward situation or mistake. The infamous smirking face has strong sexual connotations. The see-no-evil monkey, hear-no-evil monkey, and speak-no-evil monkey are used to show shock and embarrassment. Which specific monkey is used depends on the contents of the message. There are hearts of all colors, thumbs up, thumbs down, transportation, food and drink emojis, symbols, activities… there is even a Pile of poo emoji. If you are looking for Far East street style, emoji pants are a top choice of fashion conscious men and women around the world. You can now communicate with emojis without picking up your phone with emoji pants! The emoji print pants, emoji joggers / jogger pants, emoji trousers, emoji sweatpants, and emoji shirts are cool styles for anyone who has ever wanted more options for utilizing emojis. Emoji pants come in black, white, pinks, yellow, green, purple blue, red and are made for men, women, girls, and boys. These pants are the right solution to globetrotting, maintenance-free travel, emoji clothing is designed for maximum comfort during transit and tour. Throw them on with a black shirt to really make your emojis pop. Or wear your emoji pants with an emoji shirt as a cute pair of pajamas. Hip, urbane and easy-to-care for, emoji pants and shirts make life just a little bit more free every time you wear them. Climb great mountains. Pursue nothing, and achieve everything. Be Cute. Live dope. Wear emoji.